A bounced email is an email that does not reach its intended recipient. This delivery failure can be the result of one of several different reasons, such as using an invalid email address or the incoming email being flagged for containing blocked content.

Pinpointe categorizes undelivered (bounced) emails into two categories:

  • Soft bounces
  • Hard bounces

You can read more about the differentiation between these categories and how they are processed by Pinpointe in this article: What's the difference between a "soft bounce" and a "hard bounce?"

This article will focus on how you view your bounced contact data.


Viewing your bounced email contacts

1) Click on the "Contacts tab" and select the "Search" menu option.


2) From the database list, check the one you would like to do the search on.

In the search drop-down boxes, select "Activity Status" as the item in the first box; select "is" in the second box, and select "bounced" in the third box.


You can now click the "Display Results" button to see your list of bounced contacts. You may stop here if you only want to view your bounced contacts, or you may choose to export the data for further review. Please see the article titled: "How do I export a list of bounced email contacts?"