2017-02 February Release - Overview

The Februarly release adds some new key features - like the ability to add contacts to multiple lists when imported (#1 feature request!).  You can also now receive an automated report with account stats. 

Issue Type Key Summary
Feature 360 Send Daily / Weekly / Monthly Account Summary Email to Account Owner
This is a great addition! Under Account Settings, you can set preferences to send a daily, weekly and/or monthly summary of your account's statistics.
The report will be sent to the email address set in Account Settings -> Account  Owner
Feature 254 Contacts can Be Added to Multiple Lists when Importing
Previously, when importing contacts you could only add contacts to 1 list at a time. Now contacts can be added to any number of current lists when importing. You can also define new list9s) on-the-fly when uploading.
Bug 397

Search contacts displays 0 results.
Now displays correct results

Task 396

Added a new 'Memo' field to contacts.
This field can be used to add notes and information for contacts in the Contact Management screen.

Bug 395, 387

Some International Characters and special characters did not always display correctly.
Also, Extended ascii/special characters in email campaign show as a ?
This items have been fixed.

Bug 385

Exporting custom fields with UTF8 characters has errors
Now exports correctly

Bug 376

Editing and saving a campaign with the builder would reset the 'RSS' and 'Archive' properties for the campaign.
This has now been corrected. 

Improvement 361

Reporting - Display Unique Opens on the Stats -> Campaigns Summary Screen
The summary page previously displayed 'Total Opens'. Based on customer feedback, this summary table now displays 'Unique Opens' - which is lower - and represents the unique recipients who opened the campaign.

Verious performance improvements and enhancements. Enable browser session compression to reduce download size by up to 60% and speed page displays.


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