Pinpointe makes it easy for you to integrate your applications with our email marketing engine. Because we use XML to communicate messages between systems, you can use any programming language for your integration. 

Our API includes robust functionality for managing contacts and their associated lists. You have access to each contact record, which can include custom fields, in addition to the ones already provided by Pinpointe's database schema. This allows you to use Pinpointe to store complete user profiles. These profiles, in turn, can be used to determine the type, content and frequency of emails those users receive. The API also includes the ability to send campaigns and check their performance statistics.

Because it is cloud-based, the Pinpointe XML API makes it possible to programmatically update and use your system without needing to physically access it. Developers commonly use the Pinpointe API to automatically update contact lists, create and send email campaigns, gather statistics --- and perform those operations from within their own applications.


In order to access the XML API, you will need the XML API function enabled for your account, and an XML token. Please contact your account manager or send a request to to get the POST URL, XML Username, XML Token and XML Path. 

Submitting a Request 

An XML POST request with the details for the license to be generated should be sent to the ‘XML Path’ that you will receive when your XML API is enabled. The XML Path will be the same URL path you use to login, appended with 'xml2.php'. It will look similar to the following: 

Sample XML is provided for each of the API calls. The ‘username’ and ‘usertoken’ mentioned will be provided once your XML API is enabled for your account. There are two levels of API calls. The Enterprise API requires administrative access. The standard API only requires user-level permissions.

For more information, refer to the API page.