This API call has been deprecated. User should use IsEmailOnList.

Determine whether a contact has unsubscribed from a list by checking their email address.

XML Request Example:      

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <email></email>  <!-- required -->
      <list>4</list>  <!-- required -->

  <xmlrequest> element

Field NameDescription
usernameUsername used to login to Pinpointe
usertokenUnique token assigned to Pinpointe account

<details> element

Field NameDescription
email address of contact list to be searched for
list id of list to be searched

Successful Response:

<response> element

Field NameDescription
statusWill return SUCCESS if user is unsubscribed
dataWill return 1 if contact unsubscribed

Unsuccessful Response:

<response> element

Field NameDescription
statusWill return FAILED if call is unsuccessful.
Will also return FAILED if contact is found on list BUT is not unsubscribed.
errormessageText explaining why request failed saying contact is