Use this XML call to retrieve the structure of a list's custom fields. This includes the data types, whether the fields are required, default values and any of the custom field structure's settings.

XML Request Example:     

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <list>1</list> <!-- required -- >
      <list>{list_id}</list>  <!-- Can optionally select more than one list -->

 <xmlrequest> element

Field NameDescription
usernameUsername used to login to Pinpointe
usertokenUnique token assigned to Pinpointe account

Please note: ALL OPTIONAL tags that are not used should be deleted from submitted call. For example, if only one <list> tag is specified, any unused <list> tags should be deleted.

<details> element

Field NameDescription
ID number of the list from which to retrieve custom field data
list (optional)ID of optional additional lists from which to retrieve custom field data

Successful Response:

<response> element

Field NameDescription
statusWill return SUCCESS if one or more custom fields are found


<item> element

Field NameDescription
fieldidID number of custom field
nameName of custom field
fieldtypeData type of field
defaultvalueThe default value will be included here if one is set
requiredReturns 1 if this field is required, 0 if not
fieldsettingsSerialized version of the custom field's settings

Please note: If multiple list ids are specified, the resultant list of returned custom fields will not be identified as to which list they belong. 

Unsuccessful Response:

<response> element

Field NameDescription
statusWill return FAILED if unsuccessful
errormessageText explaining why request failed