In Pinpointe, you are not limited to testing only two email campaigns. You can test as variations of a campaign as you would like.

To set up a split test:

1) First, create as many versions of your email as you would like to test.

2) From within your Pinpointe account, go to Email Campaigns > View Split Tests.

3) Click the “New Split Test” button.

4) You’ll see the split test settings page. Enter a name for your test - the name is for your reference only. Use a name you’ll recognize a year from now. Including a date is often helpful.

5) Choose the campaigns you would like to split test.

6) Next, decide whether you’ll choose a winner based on either clicks or opens. For this test, I chose opens.

7) The next option is a bit more complicated. You’ll choose between a “standard” test and an“autopilot” test. A standard test distributes the email variations equally across my entire list and compares the results. An autopilot test takes a percentage of your list, which you can define (say 10%), and sends it to that portion of your list. Once the results are in and a winner is determined, Pinpointe will send the winning email to the remainder of your list. In our example, that would be the remaining 90% of your list.

If you’re not sure which option to choose or if your list is small (like under 2,000 subscribers), choose the standard test.

8) Once you’ve chosen “Standard” or “Autopilot,” click the “Save and Send” button.

9) Next you’ll see the page where you define who you’re sending to. You can choose from lists or list segments. Click the “Next >>” button when you’re done.

10) You’ll see one last confirmation page where you can control sender information when your emails will go out, along with tracking information. Click “Next” after you’ve made your choices. In this example, I left everything with the default settings.

11) This is the final confirmation page for scheduling. If you’ve clicked “Send my email now” in earlier pages, your email will be automatically “scheduled” to go out right away. Just click the button that says “Schedule My Split Test Campaign” to send your emails and start your test.

12) You’ll be brought back to the main “View Split Tests” page. See the status of your test under the “Action” column.

13) Once your emails have been sent and your subscribers have had a chance to open the emails, go check on the results of your test. Do this by going to the “Statistics” tab and selecting “Split Tests.”

14) This is the main page of the split test statistics. Click the blue 'View' link under the 'Action' column of the test you want to see the results of.

15) Below is the detailed view of the split test results. Click on the tabs to see information about Engagement Rates, Open StatisticsLink StatisticsBounce Statistics and Unsubscribe Statistics.

Once you’ve completed a few tests it won’t take you more than 10 to 15 minutes to set up each new test. You may not see big results from every test you run, but over time the results will start to add up.

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