How To Set Up A Triggered Email Campaign

  1. Go to the “Automated Emails” Tab in your dashboard and select “Manage Triggered Emails.”

  2. The first time you set up an email trigger, you won’t see any in this section. It will look like this:

  3. Now, click the “Create a Trigger...” button and you’ll see a page like this:

  4. The first thing to do is to name your trigger. It may be helpful to include a date when you name things like this, just so you have a quick reference point for later, like a year from now when you're looking through a whole list of triggers and might not remember which is which. It’s also helpful to explain what the trigger does. In the example, the trigger is named “Welcome Email Blog Link Clicked 9/13/15," which tells me which email and which link in that email triggers this action.

  5. In the example, I want the particular trigger to be activated when someone clicks a link, so I’m going to select that option from the radio button in the next section of this page. Pinpointe will immediately show the emails that are set up and asks you to specify which email has the link you want to use to activate the trigger.

  6. Next, specify which link in that email you want to activate the trigger.

  7. At this point, you've defined what needs to happen to activate the trigger. Now, tell the Pinpointe system what to do once the trigger has been activated.

    Typically, you can only activate a trigger immediately after something has happened, or sometimes you can specify how many days after a trigger has occurred to do something. Pinpointe lets you control when the trigger will happen down to the hour.

    In the example, I want anyone who clicked this link to get passed to the new list immediately. So I selected:
    Trigger the Actions "When" Clicking the link

  8. Yet, I could have selected Trigger the Actions "After" Clicking the link. That would have shown me this set of options:

    The hours pull-down can also be set to days. This would be an ideal feature to use if you wanted to send people an email in, say, the morning and the evening.

  9. Last thing, make sure the “Yes this trigger is active” checkbox is checked and click the “Save” button.

This is a very simple, but elegant way to customize email messages based on what people are actually interested in.