Deliverability Tips:

  1. Before sending your campaign, while in the edit mode, be sure to run our Spam Check utility to check the campaigns spam score. Ideally, you want to get this score as close to zero (0) as possible.
  2. Only use Opt-In Lists. Pinpointe is for sending permissions-based emails only.
  3. Create Email Campaigns with good Subject Lines  This is very important, and often overlooked.
  4. Use double opt-in and consider adding CAPTCHA codes to any signup forms. This will greatly reduce the risk of having bots adding invalid email addresses or 'Spam Trapsto your list(s).
  5. Send a Test email. Create a test list with your email address and perhaps a few colleagues. Send each campaign to the test list to confirm look and deliverability.
  6. Use the ‘Run Inbox Preview Tool’ to view how your email will look in 20 email clients, plus review valuable tips and tricks and for each email client.