Carousel Widget

The primary function of the Carousel widget is to act as a container for other elements, which allows the creation of a stacked series of content that can either be set to scroll automatically in a timed sequence, or can be set so the viewer may scroll through manually. 

To begin:

  • Click on Insert Widget icon in the top tool bar. Left click & hold and then drag the Carousel widget into the Section area. See Fig 1 below.

Fig 1

NOTE: Where the top edge of the Carousel widget is placed inside the Section when you release the cursor is where the widget will be vertically located. You can then left click & hold the widget while in the Section area and re-position it.

By default, the Carousel widget will be the same width as the Section area and have same number of columns and gap value. For example, if the Section area has been set to 36 columns with a gap of 2;, the Carousel widget will have the same properties initially. You can, or course, modify these values once the Carousel widget has been placed into the Section area.

HINT: While your cursor is in the Section pane (app area which contains the Section and anything inside the Section, the bottom border which is denoted by a thin blue line), you’ll see the Section grid pattern and the Carousel widget grid stacked on top. See Fig 2 below. To just view the Carousel widget layout by itself without any grid lines, move your cursor to an area just below the pane. See Fig 3 below.

Fig 2

Please note the small double-arrow icon in the lower right corner which appears when you click inside the widget itself, and will become highlighted by moving the cursor over it. You can use this icon to resize the Carousel container by left clicking & holding your cursor on it, and then dragging the widget to the size and dimesions you want.

Fig 3

Clicking into the Carousel widget will bring up the Carousel Settings menu on the right side of the screen. This menu is made up of several sub-menus:

  • General
  • Presets
  • Style
  • Menu Style
  • Menu Hover
  • Button Style
  • Button Hover
  • Button Selected

Each sub-menu or groups of sub-menus will be discussed in separate articles.