NiftyImages allows you to personalize the images in your newsletters. Give your images the personal touch by adding details such as the first name and date of birth of your contacts. All of your contacts’ attributes can be included to create a truly bespoke image.

Countdown Timers

Create a countdown to drive urgency for your entire email list. All timers can be customized to use any font, color, language or time zone. You can even use your Pinpointe date fields to make each countdown unique to the customer.

Personalized images

Go to NiftyImages to personalize an image and send a message to your users. For example, if you have set up a birthday email, you could personalize the image with a message such as "Happy Birthday %%First-Name%%". Let’s take the example of the photo below.

To produce a NiftyImages creation

1. Import your image

2. Add your text and customize it if required

3. Add a contact attribute to personalize your image. For a Pinpointe contact attribute, you just need to enter the exact name of the contact attribute in curly brackets. For example,%%First-Name%%.

4. You can also add alternative text if you don’t have the attribute in question for all of your contacts (e.g. "friend")

5. Export the image via an image tag so that all you have to do next is copy it into the Pinpointe newsletter editor. You’ll then see the type of link shown below. Copy it:

Adding NiftyImages images to Pinpointe

We have used the %%First-Name%% custom field as an example. In the image below, you can see the custom field First-Name in the Pinpointe database.

Now go to your email campaign and paste in the code provided by NiftyImages:

In the Email  Builder: select a text block then click on the left-hand button in the block editor to open the source code. Delete the default entry and paste the code in its place. Save it. The personalized image will then be displayed