Setting Color For Text Links


Pinpointe gives you several methods by which to modify the color of text with an embedded link in the Drag & Drop Builder. These methods will be described in detail below. 

Before we discuss the individual methods, a few quick notes on the color selector that pops up in the various left-hand side control and sub-control panels.  There are three ways to select a color:

  1. You can select a general color from the thin vertical bar on the top-right side, then use your cursor in the larger color square to the left to select how light or dark the specific color will be.
  2. You can enter a CSS Color Hex code in the indicated field.
  3. You can choose any color from the selection already saved to your account, which will include the Builder defaults plus any colors you have selected and saved previously. 

Left-Hand Control Panel

Clicking on the gray "Gear" icon within the green square brings up the left-hand control panel for that primary block. For this example, we have added a primary block by dragging a Basic Block into the canvas area, and added a simple sentence to which we have made the text strings, "Pinpointe On-Demand" and "" links to (you guessed it), www, 

The figure below shows the "Typography" section of the main left-hand control panel for all primary blocks. Note the sub-sections for "Title" and "Text", specifically the feature "Links". By clicking on the circular color spot directly across, you can select or add a new color to assign to the text links contained within this primary block. 

It is important to note that the main left-hand control panel's "Title" and "Text" feature will set the style, colors included, for ALL instances of that type of element within this primary block. For example, if I set "Links" in the "text" section to red, you can see the color for both text strings were changed from the default blue to red.

You can see both text links have had their colors modified.

Left-Hand SUB-Control Panel

What if you want to change the color of all the text links in a single title or text sub-block within the primary block? All you need to do is click on the title or text sub-block you want to change. We have highlighted the second (bottom) text sub-block so that it is easier to distinguish form the top text sub-block.

Clicking on a title or text sub-block will bring up a SUB-control panel on the left of your screen named "Column Options". The center section of this sub-panel is called "Text Options". The figure below shows an example. Note that the color spot directly across from "Link Color" is red, since that is the color we selected using the main control panel. We have selected the top text sub-block (regardless of whether selecting a title or text sub-block, the sub-control panel will always say "Text Options"). Now we will click the red color spot and select the color purple. Note in the example that just the top text sub-block's text links colors have changed to purple. 

Link Options Sub-Control Panel

What if you want to just change the color of a single link? You can do that as well. Simply by clicking on the text link you want to edit will bring up the "Link Options" sub-control panel, shown in the figure below. To continue with this example, we have clicked on the "Pinpointe On-Demand" text link in the top sub-block. Then we clicked on the color spot directly across from "Link Color" and changed the text link color to orange.  

As always, should you have any questions regarding any feature discussed in our Knowledge Base documents, please ask Pinpointe Support for assistance.