Send a campaign to one or more email addresses as a test.

XML Request Example:        

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <subject>preview of campaign 69</subject>

  <xmlrequest> element

Field Name Description
username Username used to login to Pinpointe
usertoken Unique token assigned to Pinpointe account
requesttype Name of API set to be used
requestmethod Function being called

<details> element

Field Name Description
previewemail Comma-separated list of recipient email addresses
subject Subject of test email
newsletterid ID of campaign to send
frompreviewemail From address for test email

Successful Response:

<response> element

Field Name Description
status Will return SUCCESS if user was successfully added
data Will return 1 if contact was located

Unsuccessful Response:

<response> element

Field Name Description
status Will return ERROR if unsuccessful
errormessage Text explaining why request failed