Use this XML call to retrieve the structure of a list's custom fields. This includes the data types, whether the fields are required, default values and any of the custom field structure's settings.

XML Request Example:     

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

 <xmlrequest> element

Field Name Description
username Username used to login to Pinpointe
usertoken Unique token assigned to Pinpointe account
requesttype Name of API set to be used
requestmethod Function being called

<details> element

Field Name Description
listids ID number of the list from which to retrieve custom field data

Successful Response:

<response> element

Field Name Description
status Will return SUCCESS if user was successfully added
data Total number of subscribers removed


<item> element

Field Name Description
fieldid ID number of custom field
name Name of custom field
fieldtype Data type of field
defaultvalue The default value will be included here if one is set
required Returns 1 if this field is required, 0 if not
fieldsettings Serialized version of the custom field's settings

Unsuccessful Response:

<response> element

Field Name Description
status Will return ERROR if unsuccessful
errormessage Text explaining why request failed