There are two steps to inserting this form into your email.

First you must create the form and then you will need to insert it into your email campaign.

Note:  A 'forward to friend' form is hosted on the Pinpointe site. Therefore, you do not need to copy the html code and host it on your site.

Step 1: Create a 'Forward to a Friend' form

If you would like to place an unsubscribe form on your website, you can create an 'unsubscribe form' using the forms tool. This will allow you to place an unsubscribe form directly on your website. 


On the Pinpointe home screen click on the 'Resources' tab > Forms 

A new screen will pop up. Click on the 'Create a Website Form' button, which will bring up a new page. 

Under FORM NAME & TYPE, click in the in the box next to "Choose a Form Type," select "Forward to Friend (Page Hosted by Pinpointe)" and name your form (i.e. Forward to Friend)

Click the "Next >>" button.

On the next page, you can choose your form design from the drop down box located next to "Choose a Form Design." You can also select the campaign format, if you'd like to use CAPTCHA Form Security, and your submit button label. Preview your form design by clicking on the orange "Preview Form" button. 

When you are done, click the "Next >>" button.


On the next couple of pages, you can make a few customizations (optional). Please go through them and when you are finished, click the "Save" button.

Note: If you want to change the message located underneath the "Friend's Email(s)" box, you can edit the form HTML.

After you have clicked the "Save" button, your new "Forward to Friend" form will be available to place in an email campaign.


Step 2: Insert Into your Email 

WYSIWYG Editor Instructions

While you are working on an email campaign in WYSIWYG email editor, place the cursor in your email campaign at the location where you want to insert the link.

Next, click the "Insert Forms" button.

A popup box will appear. Under Forward to Friend Forms, select the form you just created and then click the "Insert Form" button. 

This will place the Forward to Friend link in your email campaign, pointing to a dynamically generated page.

Below is an example of what will pop up when someone hits the "Forward To Friend" link you placed in your email.

Below is a glimpse of how the email will show up when it is forwarded:

Drag & Drop Editor Instructions

While you are working on an email campaign in Drag & Drop email editor, click the text box where you would like to place your 'Forward to Friend' link box that insert the link. Then place the cursor where you would like the link to show up.

Next, click the "Insert Form" in the left blue sidebar > "Forward to Friend" button.

This will place your link in the email campaign.