Allows the user to monitor status of their api call when using one of the asynchronous calls, such as GetListSubscribersAsync, GetTagSubscribersAsync, etc. 

JSON Request Example:  

  "username": "john.doe",
  "usertoken": "abc123abc123abc123abc123abc123",
  "requesttype": "API",
  "requestmethod": "AsyncJobStatus",
  "details": {
    "jobids": ["123456789"], /* optional, multi, none returns all */
    "pagination": { /* optional */
      "limit": "2", /* required */
      "next": "0" /* optional: default 0 */

"json_request" element 

Field NameDescription
usernameUsername used to login to Pinpointe
usertokenUnique token assigned to Pinpointe account

"details" element 

Field NameDescription
(optional - if no value, defaults to "all")
User can specify one or more job_id values (this value is part of the JSON response when an asynchronous call is made. If no value given, defaults to "all".


"pagination" element

Please note: If "pagination" parameters omitted, call will return as many records as allowable based on current application memory constraints.  

Field NameDescription
(optional but required if "next" parameter used)
max_records: Integer indicating maximum number of datasets (records) to be returned for the respective call.
start_at_record_number: If parameter used, the call response will be limited to the “limit” value and the response will include a pagination section with the appropriate “next” value to return the next sequential chunk of records, or “0” if all records have been returned.

Successful Response:

"response" element

Field NameDescription
statusWill return "SUCCESS" if the call was successful
dataUser ID number and name

Example of returned payload:

Please note, the "status" parameter within the payload will be one of "X" values:

  • "waiting" if the asynchronous call is still processing
  • xxxx
  • "failed" if the asynchronous call is.... 

Unsuccessful Response:

"response" element

Field NameDescription
statusWill return FAILED if unsuccessful
errormessageUnable to verify user credentials